Kromlüks A.Ş. - Production

Kromlüks A.Ş., Ehas the first and unique integrated plant that produces Industrial Kitchens, Industrial Laundries and Industrial Cooling Systems in Turkey.

It produces hundreds of kinds of industrial kitchen equipments and appliances which are needed by a professional kitchen with a high technology such as In Industrial Kitchens; from worktops with-without sinks made of stainless steel to preparation units, from cupboards and shelves to service units, In Cooking Systems; from convection ovens to ranges, kitchen stoves, fryers, cookers, in Scullery Equipments, dishwashers (500/1000/2000 Plates/Hour), in Kitchen Machines; from potato peeling machine to dough kneading machine, bread slicing machine, in Cooling Systems; butcher type – frontier type – bench type – window-shop type refrigerators to bottle cooler refrigerators.

It produces hundreds of kinds of industrial laundry machines and equipments with a high technology such as in Industrial Laundry Machines and Equipment; full automatic washing and mangling machines, clothes drying machines, roller type ironing machines with drying bands, washing, mangling and drying machines (Kombi) and their equipments.

As a result, KROMLÜKS retains all of the products and accessories needed by a Professional Kitchen or Laundry with services of feasibility, project designing, manufacturing, logistics, assembly and after-sales and offers unlimited alternatives to its customers.


Kromlüks Technology

Kromlüks A.Ş., has a CNC technology and equipment pool which are products of state-of-the-art technology and has a complete information processing infrastructure and production system with its assembly lines and technical and administrative staff reaching 250 persons.

There are technological mounting straps which include high technology, computer aided design, modern CNC machines, and all kinds of tests for the products that are suitable for mass production.


KROMLÜKS A.Ş. determines the studies for R&D activities in line with the "Design and Development Process Quality Plan" and ensures design quality by organizing these studies.

  • Corrective-preventive activities and development recommendations for new products or existing products may be made by local/foreigner customers.
  • The design recommendations seen fit are implemented within the scope of design plan in accordance with the Process Quality Plan and reviewed, their acceptability is verified.
  • The design outputs are updated with targets, production structure, cost, customer demands, etc.
  • The validation of the design is made under the operating conditions. If the product is to be used for different purposes, different design validations are made for each purpose.